I grew up in West LA, a diverse and eclectic environment. It has made a huge impact on shaping my beliefs and influencing the person and artist I’ve become. This collection of work reflects my experience of growing up in LA, showcasing different snippets of LA lifestyle and culture through various representational and abstract formats.

My process includes various methods and tactics, bothtactile and conceptual, which result in a wide array of visual assets. It is highly iterative, embracing both diversity and repetition. The various methods and tactics aim to highlight vulnerability within the work, allowing for imperfection, but still considering the final outcome. Each one of the images is organic. They are constantly being developed, even though it is possible that they will remain the same. Similar to the images I create, my style is organic, constantly changing and progressing, while still calling back to the influences that were a part of my upbringing. A large range of subcultures that have surfaced or perpetuated throughout Los Angeles are directly related to the images presented and my methodology.

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